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Entries from June 21st, 2009

Why do people use online social networks?

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If you are like most people and me, you get hang up in discussion in online networks as forums, blogs, facebook, Linkedin etc. As a participant and something the moderator/owner it can be difficult to get an outside perspective.

Recently I found a definition of social characters in the book Social Networking communities and E-Dating Services which I like to share with you.

Troll/Humourous (25%)
Driven by chaos forces as a result of mental stimuli, would post provocative comments to incite a reaction.

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Chat Room Bob/Exoxic (16%)
Driven by existential forces as a result of experiencing gross stimuli, will seek more intimate encounters with other actors.

Snert/Pariah (14%)
Driven by anti-social forces as a result of social stimuli, will seek to offend their target because of something they said.

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