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The classic book about permission based marketing

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I think it is incredible that a book about Internet marketing from 1999 still have so much to tell. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading this classic.

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Next time I start a permission marketing campaign I will ask myself this ten questions, set by Seth Godin:

1. What’s the bait?
2. What does an incremental permission cost?
3. How deep is the permission that is granted?
4. How much does incremental frequency cost?
5. What’s the active response rate to communications?

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Why do people use online social networks?

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If you are like most people and me, you get hang up in discussion in online networks as forums, blogs, facebook, Linkedin etc. As a participant and something the moderator/owner it can be difficult to get an outside perspective.

Recently I found a definition of social characters in the book Social Networking communities and E-Dating Services which I like to share with you.

Troll/Humourous (25%)
Driven by chaos forces as a result of mental stimuli, would post provocative comments to incite a reaction.

permission marketing
Chat Room Bob/Exoxic (16%)
Driven by existential forces as a result of experiencing gross stimuli, will seek more intimate encounters with other actors.

Snert/Pariah (14%)
Driven by anti-social forces as a result of social stimuli, will seek to offend their target because of something they said.

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Review: Search Marketing Strategies

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A marketer’s Guide to Objective-Driven Success from Search Engines. By James Colborn

Search Marketing Strategies focuses on the strategic aspect of paid advertising at the search engines. The strategies are explained in a way that is non theoretic and doesn’t go into detail on how to do it.

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