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Use simple words like the keywords searchers use

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permission marketingDescription: Use common words and expressions to make the use of your web site easy for your customers.

Example: All our products include a 25% energy saving device.

Example on the opposite: All of these splendid commodities utilise a bare minimum of electrical energy.

Explanation: Use simple expressions when you are writing for a broad group of customers, use more technical terms when you are writing for a smaller group of well-informed customers.

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Clear & strong sentence structure beyond keywords

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Searchers are happy to see the keywords they have used in the search engine results and on your webpage, but will click away if you don’t deliver the message in a clear and strong way.

Description: Sentences that have clear subjects and active verbs at the beginning, plus important words right before the full stop, are easier to read.

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Delete excess words, but keep your keywords

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Delete excess wordsDescription: Remove all words that are not essential to deliver your message.

Example: Our 30 products are approved by the ISO 2000 quality certificate.

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Choosing text layout for your web site beyond keywords

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text layoutMany website writers that are interested in SEO focus too much in optimizing their website for the search engines and forget to give their users a good experience.

This article describes in a short way what you have to bear in mind in your web site beyond SEO.

Websites are viewed in a different way from other kinds of media. When browsing a web site, people tend to “scan” the web site more than reading it. If the information they are looking for is not in sight, they will go to the next web site. The way you present the contents of your web sites has great impact in how many potential customers stay and eventually buy your product or services.

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