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Clear & strong sentence structure beyond keywords

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Searchers are happy to see the keywords they have used in the search engine results and on your webpage, but will click away if you don’t deliver the message in a clear and strong way.

Description: Sentences that have clear subjects and active verbs at the beginning, plus important words right before the full stop, are easier to read.

Example: We deliver high quality keyword reports through the internet since 2001. In its 90th issue, WWW Magazine rates our keyword report as “the best keyword reports in the market”.

Example on the opposite: The internet has been our canal to deliver our great quality keyword reports for many years. We have been awarded a very flattering review of our services by WWW Magazine in its 90th issue.

Explanation: When you put subject and verb at the beginning of your sentences, it’s easy for your readers to understand what you will be talking about from the start of each sentence.

This structure also makes it easy for them to scan through your text and find the information they need fast.

Words written at the end of your sentences are immediately emphasized. They complete the sense of your sentences and, contrary to the words in the middle, they stay clearer in the reader’s mind.

To deliver a clear message and to attract special attention to a specific topic, place subject and actions at the beginning of the sentences and the words you want your customers to remember at the end. The same counts for the overall structure of paragraphs and articles.

How to control yourself and others: Write the texts of your web site with this in mind or have someone doing it for you. As the work progresses, read through it and notice how easy is the reading flow. Do you think it can be improved? Read it out loud to others. What is the reaction of your “audience”, do they understand it clearly? Or do they ask you for explanations?

If you find sentences that are hard to understand or that lack strength and precision, change their structure, locate the subject and verb as early in the sentence as you can and your essential words next to the full stops.

Keep on modifying it until the order of the words gives the clarity and force that you want to communicate. You can also copy the text into a text editor program and colour the subjects red, the verbs green and the important words blue. Print it out and see if you have red and green at the beginning of the sentences and blue at the end.

How to practice: Every time you find a text in a web site that is interesting and easy to understand, mark the position of subject, verb and essential words in its sentences. Do the same with other websites that you find boring or difficult to read.

Observe the location of the verbs and subjects in the sentences and underline them. Look at the overall structure of the sentences in the text. Are the underlined words mostly in the right positions at the beginning and at the end? Rewrite the sentences that you find difficult using this method. You will see the difference.

Use of the right keywords will improve the searchers experience, but remember to deliver your messages in a way that is easy to understand.


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