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Delete excess words, but keep your keywords

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Delete excess wordsDescription: Remove all words that are not essential to deliver your message.

Example: Our 30 products are approved by the ISO 2000 quality certificate.

Example on the opposite: All of our extensive arrays of products have been distinguished with the approval of the renowned quality certificate ISO 2000.

Explanation: Excess words, descriptions and explanations distract your reader from the point you want to make with your text. Excess words make your web site inefficient, because when potential customers enter a site with too many unimportant pieces of text, they can’t find easily what they want and end up switching to another web site.

On the other hand, when your text has been cleared up of unnecessary words, it contributes directly to the success of your website.

This web site will allow your customers to read clearly, to get to the information they need fast and to use more features of the site, like online buying, signing up for newsletter or updates, etc.

How to control yourself and others: Take the last version of your web site, revise it and find words that can be deleted from the text without affecting its meaning. Look particularly for articles, possessive pronouns, outdated words of Latin origin, excess adjectives and adverbs, among others.

The text should be skimmed down to its simplest version without loosing character and meaning. Make a habit out of repeating this process every time something is written for your web site or your company in general. You can also ask someone else to do it for you.

How to practice: Read through different web sites and see if there are any words that you could remove without changing the message. Try to identify which particular words make the text heavy or boring. Compare your new version of the texts with the originals and then with your own web site. Are they better in quality now? Would you feel more comfortable reading these web sites if they had the new version of the text? Would you buy from them or recommend them? Keep your text to the core of the subject and avoid excess words.


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