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Is Google Analytics sending your conversion information to your competitors?

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Google SpamNot an easy question to answer, considering the lack of information in Google’s business policy. Therefore we break the questions down in pieces.

Ideally Google and the other PPC search engines give tracking services because they want to sell more ads by:

• Make it easier to start advertising at their search engine(low entry cost)
• Money not spend on tracking service can be used buying ads

A lower entry cost can get more companies to participate in PPC advertising and thereby create more ads and drive prices up for competitive keywords. They want to get people starting and if they can make money with their ads, then they probably keep advertising.

Giving the complimentary product away to sell more of your main product has been a known strategy for many years. Like giving salty snakes away in the bar for free to make people thirsty. Because the big cost for software is the developing cost and therefore the cost of producing/selling an extra unit is close to zero; the idea of giving software away for free have bloomed with the internet.

We have been through more than a million keywords suggested by PPC search engines and have noticed that the suggestions come from at least three sources:

• Their huge database of text from websites, who offend the words are found near each other or/and on the same page
Keywords used in the same search phrases or in a sequence of searchers.
Campaign keyword phrases that are triggered from keywords with similar meaning

Especially the last source is interesting, because this will give your competitor the keywords you are using.

Let’s make an experiment. We try to go to the keyword list we are processing in the moment from Google and find the first small list of keyword that look like the keyword phrases have been generated by adwords campaigns.

web marketing association s 2006 internet advertising competition
web marketing association s 2006 internet advertising competition iac
web marketing association s 2006 internet advertising competition iac awards

website optimization
website optimization for search
website optimization for search engines

If you were Google and were selling ads to many different companies, would you recommend keywords you know convert well and therefore could earn more money for higher ad prices?

We aren’t a SEO company so we can’t answer the last and important questions:
Do you think or better have evidence that one of your competitors have picked up one of your most profitable niches from a PPC search engine?

Are the PPC search engines giving you the information to find competitors’ profitable niches?

Do you think that PPC search engines are ranging the related terms using their free tracking tools, so you are more likely to get the under valuated keywords?

NB: It isn’t because we are so much against the PPC search engine given this data out, because if they are, then you will find the information in our keyword reports ;-)


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