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Is Google promoting spam and stolen contents?

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Google SpamNew websites are having a hard time getting into the search engines’ index. The reason for it is to protect the search engines’ index from spam contents by delaying the entry of new contents and demanding authority measured by link power and other factors before the new content is allowed into the index.

All this seems to be a good thing and making it hard for spammers to get search traffic for automated produced contents. The problem is that it might help spammers steal contents from new and less authority websites.

The technique spammers are using are quite simple. They find new websites that haven’t been indexed and scrape them for their contents. The contents are usually of good quality, because new website owners put a lot of effort into their websites in the beginning. The spammer put it in established website that already has the age and link authority to get it indexed and rank for the contents.

When the new websites get a little older and starts to attract links, the spam websites might already have gotten the overhand because:

1. They’ve had the contents indexed long before the original owner (the new website) and the new website might be seen as a spammer that copies the spammers’ contents.
2. Because the contents is of good quality, other webmasters might already have start linking to the spammers website, because they found it in the searched results and it’s relevant and of good quality.
3. Because it takes little work to copy, the spammer might have used the same techniques to collect content from many other new websites and thereby created a big website full of good contents.

What can you do to prevent spammers steal your contents?

1. Try to prevent robots to index your site.
2. Take legal action against the sites that is copying you.
3. Buy an old authority website.
4. Build links faster than the spammer and with website that the spammer can’t build relations with.

I think the best solution is to buy an old authority website and put an effort to build links from the beginning.

You can get some inspiration on how to build links here The big link building method list.
Do you have any other ideas how a new website can protect its contents against copy spammers?

What are the search engines doing to help? And what can they do?


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