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MSN adds the ability to use negative keywords

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Many words are used in two or more situations. Therefore it can come handy to exclude as many of the meanings you are not interested by using negative keywords.

In keyword research you see keywords that have many different meanings. The words with most meanings are abbreviations.

When we search in Google for the meaning of an abbreviation to decide if it belongs in the keyword report, it isn’t uncommon to find 10+ meanings.

If you were to let an ad showed when a searcher use an abbreviation, you better make sure it doesn’t have more than one meaning or you try to exclude as many searchers getting your ads by adding word in the negative keyword options.

You can find different meanings of a keyword by:

• Analyze your log file or the result from your analytic software to see which words are used in combination with the keyword you are thinking adding negative keyword too.

• Search in Google and see if the results suggest different information.

• Use one of the search engines tools where they suggest related keywords. Google’s suggestion tool. Yahoo help suggest when you search at and use the top left column to make suggestions on how too narrow your search.

• Search your keyword report, for your trigger keyword, to find the keywords searchers are using together with your trigger keyword, which are relevant for your business area, but might not be relevant for your ad.

• Search sites as Acronymfinder.

• Use the suggestion tool most search engines offer to help their advertisers find new keywords to trigger new ads. Google’s keyword suggestion tool and Keeywords keyword tool

As always in online marketing use your skill to get the best conversion and then expand your campaign to all relevant media.

Negative keywords can be an important tool to narrow down the customers that are interested in your ad.


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