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Open letter to the search engines about long tail keyword results

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It is common knowledge that the leading search engines aren’t doing a perfect job finding the best results for long tail keywords. It is time to help the search engines improve their results for long tail keywords for the mutual benefit of searchers, webmasters and the SEO-industry.

Then I was playing around with Spyfu to put together an adword campaign for my site. I found that even companies specialized in making tools for keyword research or keyword reports are ranking for keywords that have nothing to do with their theme.

Then I looked at my own stats, I was ranking for one relevant keyword phrase, but the rest of the keywords were not relevant. Here is the complete list of irrelevant keywords:

Dictionary, spanish-greek, algonquin translater, english-maltese translater, spanish-greek, translater,
Algonquin, english-maltese.

This made me think about the searcher that was sent to the wrong place by Google and if there was something that I could do so they didn’t waist their time at my site.

Therefore, I like to suggest that the search engines make a site, where you can inform which irrelevant keywords your site have been found for. The search engines can then filter your site for the informed irrelevant keywords in the search results.

If the search engines can make a safe way to confirming that it is the site owner that is giving the information I can’t imagine a site owner that will give wrong information by purpose.

The best collaboration is done if all parties have the same interest. Therefore we have to ask:

Why would a site owner inform the search engines about the keywords that are irrelevant?
1. Improve ranking because the average searcher stay longer and don’t return to the search engine. Therefore the website will look more relevant then the search engine use user data in there ranking.
2. Save bandwidth
3. Help to make a better Internet

Why would the search engine offer this service?
1. Filter their results for irrelevant results
2. Have a live dataset to train their models to filter irrelevant results

Why will the SEO-industry participate?
1. The more relevant the search results are, the more of a competitive advance over offline information will online information get and that will lead to an increased online marketing market share.
2. Improve the user data and therefore improve relevant ranking.

I believe that it is difficult and time consuming to make a training dataset to train the search engines to filter irrelevant long tail keyword phrases. You have to study a website closer to be sure that a long tail keyword phrases aren’t relevant.

What do you think about the idea?

Would you use your time to inform the search engine that your site is getting found for irrelevant keywords?

Do you have other suggestions to solve this problem?

NB: The reason that our website is found for these keywords is that we have made a readymade translation keyword report were we give the 200 most searched keywords as an appetizer. You can see for yourself here.

NNB: If can rank for top 200 most searched keyword phrases within translation, with a new site about keywords, with two inbound link from blogs, then there is a niche that is left unattended ;-)


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    Open letter to the search engines about long tail keyword results | Best Practice Marketing

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