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Why do people use online social networks?

If you are like most people and me, you get hang up in discussion in online networks as forums, blogs, facebook, Linkedin etc. As a participant and something the moderator/owner it can be difficult to get an outside perspective.

Recently I found a definition of social characters in the book Social Networking communities and E-Dating Services which I like to share with you.

Troll/Humourous (25%)
Driven by chaos forces as a result of mental stimuli, would post provocative comments to incite a reaction.

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Chat Room Bob/Exoxic (16%)
Driven by existential forces as a result of experiencing gross stimuli, will seek more intimate encounters with other actors.

Snert/Pariah (14%)
Driven by anti-social forces as a result of social stimuli, will seek to offend their target because of something they said.

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Do You Have Second-Class Clients?

free, low price, diffrent price, drop priceOn a plane from Orlando to New York, I sat beside a meeting planner for PricewaterhouseCoopers. She told me a story that bears repeating.

The meting planner had asked the catering department at Disney World to prepare an event for the partners.

Disney’s caterer priced the affair at $50,000. But the meeting planner’s budget was $35,000. Disney dropped its price.

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Is Google Analytics sending your conversion information to your competitors?

Google SpamNot an easy question to answer, considering the lack of information in Google’s business policy. Therefore we break the questions down in pieces.

Ideally Google and the other PPC search engines give tracking services because they want to sell more ads by:

• Make it easier to start advertising at their search engine(low entry cost)
• Money not spend on tracking service can be used buying ads

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Client satisfaction survey vs. action measurement

Client satisfaction survey vs. action measurementThe client satisfaction survey is one of the most misused marketing tools employed today. Most surveys fail to obtain reliable information. Even worse, many surveys obtain misleading information.

The single most important reason to perform a survey is to determine client intentions. What your clients say doesn’t always equal intentions.

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Is Google promoting spam and stolen contents?

Google SpamNew websites are having a hard time getting into the search engines’ index. The reason for it is to protect the search engines’ index from spam contents by delaying the entry of new contents and demanding authority measured by link power and other factors before the new content is allowed into the index.

All this seems to be a good thing and making it hard for spammers to get search traffic for automated produced contents. The problem is that it might help spammers steal contents from new and less authority websites.

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