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Review of MS’s vista office package for keyword research

Vista in keyword researchI am always looking for ways to improve the efficient and quality of my work. Therefore I tried the Microsoft vista office package for 3 weeks and found it a big step back.

I use Word and Excel every day. I use Excel especial intensive, where I use almost all the functions and have to find ways around Excel’s limitations everyday.

The big difference I noticed was all the scroll down windows are replaced by graphic icons, which means that you have to start guessing, which icon is the equivalent of the functions that you knew by name.

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Readymade Hosting Keyword Report ready for download

Web hosting is a very competitive market where the prices are small and the amount of competitors is enormous. We aren’t capable of suggesting any improvement in how you do your hosting, but you will find ways to improve your internet marketing in our hosting keyword report.

Without any delay let’s present a bit statistic and examples.

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MSN adds the ability to use negative keywords

Many words are used in two or more situations. Therefore it can come handy to exclude as many of the meanings you are not interested by using negative keywords.

In keyword research you see keywords that have many different meanings. The words with most meanings are abbreviations.

When we search in Google for the meaning of an abbreviation to decide if it belongs in the keyword report, it isn’t uncommon to find 10+ meanings.

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Has Google stopped using Stop words?

Search engines are using different methods to make their task of indexing the internet easier. One method is to filter stopwords out of the text. This article describes the use of stop words and questions whether Google is still not using stop words.

A stop word is a common word such as “the,” “of,” “on,” and “a” and is used differently by different search engines.

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Open letter to the search engines about long tail keyword results

It is common knowledge that the leading search engines aren’t doing a perfect job finding the best results for long tail keywords. It is time to help the search engines improve their results for long tail keywords for the mutual benefit of searchers, webmasters and the SEO-industry.

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