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Readymade Hosting Keyword Report ready for download

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Web hosting is a very competitive market where the prices are small and the amount of competitors is enormous. We aren’t capable of suggesting any improvement in how you do your hosting, but you will find ways to improve your internet marketing in our hosting keyword report.

Without any delay let’s present a bit statistic and examples.

We have found 19 727 keyword phrases that searchers use to find hosting or related service.

The 3 most searched keywords per day world wide are:

 Keyword Searchers
 web hosting 176999
 hosting web 173435
 email server 70867

You can find thetop 100 hosting keyword report and a list of the top 200 keywords.

There are 123 keyword phrases with at least twice as many searchers per day as competing pages in quotes. Here are 3:

 Keyword Searcher R/S Pages/results
 hosting massachusetts site web 10 0 0
 active microsoft page server 4 0 0
 asp beginner net 5 0 0

The maximum bids for CPC in Yahoo when we collected the data were:

 Keywords Searcher CPC
 album hosting image online photo 44 41.51
 high internet qwest speed 42 22.4
 web site design boston 109 20

The actual paid price per click might be much smaller and it might only be short term peak in bid price.

You might be more interested in the value of the keywords. The value we calculate is the number of searchers a day multiplied with highest bid in Yahoo.

 Keyword Searcher Max bid Value in USD per day
 web hosting 176999 3.01 532766
 domain name 16695 15 250421
 domain 13457 15 201848

The highest number of ads in Yahoo we have for:

 Keyword Ads in Yahoo
 web hosting 318
 internet hosting 317
 webhosting 316

The highest averages PageRank for the top 100 results in Google is associated to:

 Keyword  Google PageRank
 web site 7.2
 computer internet 6.9
 web traffic 6.7

I always admire how the hosting industry streamlined their work process. I think many industries could become a lot more efficient and at the same time improve quality.

So if you are struggling to make your hosting company profitably and our keyword report doesn’t help. Then I hope you will help another industry become as streamlined as the hosting industry.

Here is our contribution to make the hosting industry even greater. Don’t use time to make contents that no one search for and don’t use months making a quality keyword report. Just use our keyword report and we promise never host our site ourselves.

Feel free to comment on our top 100 or full hosting keyword report.


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