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Review of MS’s vista office package for keyword research

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Vista in keyword researchI am always looking for ways to improve the efficient and quality of my work. Therefore I tried the Microsoft vista office package for 3 weeks and found it a big step back.

I use Word and Excel every day. I use Excel especial intensive, where I use almost all the functions and have to find ways around Excel’s limitations everyday.

The big difference I noticed was all the scroll down windows are replaced by graphic icons, which means that you have to start guessing, which icon is the equivalent of the functions that you knew by name.

I guess it is good for people at a beginner level, but very frustrating for people with a little experience. I used a lot of time finding the different icons and many times I gave up.

Now I have given up on the Microsoft vista office package and the experience have made me conscious that we need to find a replacement for Excel. The replacement will probably be a mixture of a more advanced spread sheet and our own developed software.

When you compare the development of Microsoft and Google you see different philosophies. Microsoft are a bit like the American car industry that are given what people want and have their main focus on design. While Google is like the Japanese car industry that might give in to customers design whishes, but have their main focus on giving people what they need -A product that is simple and work better that the competitors.

To get me as a customer Microsoft have to keep it simple and try to improve office package shortcomings.


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