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Review: Search Marketing Strategies

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A marketer’s Guide to Objective-Driven Success from Search Engines. By James Colborn

Search Marketing Strategies focuses on the strategic aspect of paid advertising at the search engines. The strategies are explained in a way that is non theoretic and doesn’t go into detail on how to do it.

- Between How to do and theory books
- Good book for the one that likes to be able to speak the language of paid search engine marketing. Newbie’s, executives or in-house responsive for an outsourcing paid search engine deal.
- Covers the broad spectrum of topics related to search marketing.
- Includes terms, vendors, technology, fraud issues, metrics, and glossary.
- Mostly focuses on paid search strategy, terms and tactics.
- Brings you up to the level of strategy and down to the level of tactical implementation of pay for performance tactics.

- No trick, insider information or deep case studies.
- Could be rewritten to get more focus.
- Good overview about paid search engine advertising, but no information about natural search engine optimization.
- The book is written in a way that feels more like a web site, than a book.

It left me with a filling of having a sales meeting with a consulting company that tells me what to do, but not why and how to do it.

Here is a direct link to Amazon.

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