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Short makes it clear, also in SEO

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Description: Use short sentences to express clear ideas.

Example: We rationalize your keyword research project and give it added value. We can do it because we base our work on a time efficient scheme. Our global team of professionals uses the latest technology to provide you with quick feedback.

Example on the opposite: We rationalize your keyword research project and increase the return of your investment by ensuring instant feedback, using a professional work process based on a well-timed project management and the latest technology, and by relying on a global team of skilled professionals.

Explanation: Your customers want to access the information on your web site fast and easy. Short sentences are efficient tools to do this. They help you express one idea at the time and avoid confusion. Short sentences are especially helpful at points of big complexity in the text.

As the contents get more complex, shorten your sentences. Your readers will get more accurate information out of the short sentences and this will improve the overall quality of your web site.

How to control yourself and others: Write your text with this tool in mind, but don’t write all your text with short sentences only. Vary the length of the sentences to create an enjoyable reading.

Use the shortening of sentences especially when you find a part of text that is hard to understand. Try to put each idea in one sentence. Order them from most simple to most complex.

After the adjustments, read the text and notice how easy it is to understand and how good it sounds. If the text is easy to understand but it sounds boring and mechanical, maybe you have gone too far in the shortening of the sentences.

Revise it and see if there are any sentences that can be merged together without changing meaning but that could add some rhythm to the reading.

How to practice: Visit different kinds of web sites. Notice the difference in sentence length between different topics and sections. Compare how long are the sentences describing (ex. Technical features Vs. Testimonies or stories). See if you can find different sections in the same web site that change their sentence length according to the complexity of the subject.

You can try to improve unclear parts of the texts by shortening sentences in some parts. Try also to merge sentences where the reading is mechanical and boring. Practice the same with other kinds of texts ex. brochures, articles, short fiction stories, educational books, etc.


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