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The first industrial keyword report is finished (translation)

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When you make keyword reports you are faced with many dilemmas. While making the translation keyword report we could include the language (as English, Chinese and Danish) or only include keywords that have to do with translation (like dictionary, translate and interpreter) or include the language with a qualifier. Read about how we choose the hard way.

We are very happy to present the translation keyword report, which is the first of a series of keyword reports that are made for all business within one limited area.

In this case the keyword report is made for translation companies and companies that offer language courses. We started out with the goal only to include keywords within translation, but found that the keywords for translation are highly related with keywords for language training. Many times it is even impossible to decide if the searcher is looking for translation or a language course.

After considering that many translation companies also offer language courses and the other way around, we decided to include language learning and translation in the same keyword report.

When you make keyword reports you can choose the easy or the hard way. We always choose the best way when there is a dilemma. The biggest dilemma when working on the translation keyword list was to include the languages or only include the language and a qualifier in the seed list.

Let me illustrate it:

Languages Languages with a qualifier

English English translation
Chinese English language course
Danish English learn

If you choose to include the languages without a qualifier you will get a lot of irrelevant words like for English: English premier league, English pits bull terrier, English tea etc.

You can minimize the problem with all the irrelevant keywords by including a qualifier. The price you pay is that you don’t get the keywords that are related with the generic words (in our case the languages) but not with the generic word (as English) and the qualifier (as translation) you have included.

In practice to include the languages without a qualifier means more than 100 000 extra irrelevant keywords to get less than 2000 extra keywords.

No one would properly discover we didn’t go all the way, except if they compared our report with a keyword report that included the languages without the qualifier. To the best of our knowledge there are no other companies that make finished keyword reports, so only a few changes can be revealed.

Making keyword reports is a bit like treasure hunting, if you don’t go the extra mile and leave the main route, you are not going to find the treasures.

We found 8189 relevant keyword phases to be included. Many of the words and the positions of the words came as a surprise for us. Have a look for yourself in the bottom of the pages where we have included the 200 most searched keywords within translation and language learning.

If you are interested in reading more statistics or download the free keyword report for the top 100 keywords for translation, you can download the Top 100 Translation Keyword Report here.

It is possibly to buy the Translation Keyword Report Here.

The 200 most searched keywords within translation:
chinese learn, Esperanto, learn French, online dictionary, learn german, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, thesaurus, japanese learn, learn Russian, translator, translation, babel fish, learn dutch, dutch learn, French, dictionary Spanish, greek, dictionary online websters, thai, maria, Russian, learn Korean, translation service, Cheyenne, sara, language, translate, english spanish dictionary, dictionary english Spanish, online thesaurus, Cherokee, tamil, ho, gen, greek learn, english to spanish translation, english dictionary, mono, hindi, dictionary English, maltese, dictionary French, free translator, deutsch, celtic, english to Spanish, ga, Persian, Filipino, free online dictionary, polish, medical terminology, Turkish, translator interpreter, sora, vote, Hawaiian, alphabet greek, italian dictionary, free spanish translation, Egyptian, language translation, Malayalam, Punjabi, dictionary english French, mandarin, free english to spanish translator, english grammar, Czech, Armenian, japanese dictionary, free online thesaurus, english to french translation, tu, japanese translation, welsh, Portuguese, online medical dictionary, tonga, german translator, sango, altavista babel fish, babel, japanese name, online translation, chinese character, Norwegian, old English, malay, character Chinese, english letter old, free online translation, dictionary definition, alphabet Chinese, italian language, ao, oxford english dictionary, chinese dictionary, english to French, english french translator, translate german, mon, sami, online english dictionary, Danish, italian english dictionary, english to french translator, translator french English, dictionary online Spanish, Albanian, dictionary english german, japanese alphabet, translater, german to english translation, gaelic, babel fish translator, webster online dictionary, dictionary english online, english arabic dictionary, hebrew alphabet, pronunciation, andalusian, arabic dictionary English, learning English, Ukrainian, dictionary thesaurus, chinese letter, irish name, maori, wikipedia English, english wikipedia, dictionary online Webster, Indonesian, japanese english dictionary, glossary, Mongolian, web site translation, italian translator, japanese writing, Swahili, ancient greek, chinese name, german language, site translation web, chinese words, chinese english dictionary, blackfoot, japanese words, german to english translator, online spanish english dictionary, Sioux, chinese dictionary English, english to Japanese, marathi, english latin translator, translate spanish to English, english to german translation, greek letter, dictionary com, arabic language, translate Spanish, english to japanese translator, spanish lesson, hawaiian dictionary, tigre, alphabet Hebrew, alphabet Japanese, fon, english to Italian, english latin dictionary, translation software, english tagalog dictionary, mam, Yiddish, dictionary english tagalong, lesson Spanish, adele, learn online Spanish, study Spanish, italian language school, arabic translation, Bulgarian, alta vista babel fish, dictionary greek, english to german, latin phrase, Algonquin, english chinese online dictionary, english latin translation, arabic dictionary, chinese dictionary english online, learn spanish free, dictionary Hebrew, italian name, japanese character, language google search engine, online spanish translator.

Are you surprised to see these keywords as the top keyword phrases within translation and language learning?


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