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Use simple words like the keywords searchers use

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permission marketingDescription: Use common words and expressions to make the use of your web site easy for your customers.

Example: All our products include a 25% energy saving device.

Example on the opposite: All of these splendid commodities utilise a bare minimum of electrical energy.

Explanation: Use simple expressions when you are writing for a broad group of customers, use more technical terms when you are writing for a smaller group of well-informed customers.

Concentrate on giving facts and information, avoiding any kind of excess and imprecision at all levels. This makes a difference in how long time people decide to spend looking through your web site.

If the language is too difficult, unclear or using too much technical data, they’ll leave after a few seconds. Most likely they will never find your web site because you use other words than the words they use to search for information.

Search engines only show result that has all the keywords on the web page that the searchers have used.

How to control yourself and others: Write your texts with simplicity in mind. Once finished, read through the whole text and underline the words that you think some people might find complicated. Remember you are writing for a wide audience and not everybody has the same skills or knowledge to understand difficult words.

Go through those difficult words and think of similar words that are used more often in everyday language. In Microsoft Word you can also right click on the word and choose “synonyms”, it will show you other options that might help you. At the bottom of this menu you can also click on the “synonym dictionary” option and check the synonyms of all the related words to get even more choices.

A keyword report is a great tool to find normal used words. In a way it is a list of the most used and important words within you business. A great bonus is that you optimize your web page for the search engine at the same time as you are making it more readable for your users.

Change the difficult words for more common ones and read the text again, does it sound better now? Beware that the new words don’t change the meaning of the text.

Keep on finding common words and expressions until you are happy with the results. Reading the text to trustworthy people that haven’t been involved in the web site can give you good insight. Ask for their opinion, do they understand your message? Do they have any suggestions?

How to practice: Read through a group of websites you find difficult to understand. After reading them, think if the words and expressions they use are one of the reasons why you can’t follow the text. Are they too technical, too pretentious, too old fashioned? If so, try to replace some of the passages that you find odd with more common terms. Does it improve? Do the new words make the text more friendly, more accessible? Do you think you can still improve some words of your own web site to make it easier to read?


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