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Avoid unnecessary adverbs and improve search engine ranking at the same time

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permission marketingDescription: Many times in writing, adverbs work only as repetitions. Misused adverbs lower the quality of the text and the efficiency of the web site.

Example: We deliver quality keyword research.

Example on the opposite: We deliver extremely high quality keyword research.

Explanation: Adverbs are words that modify the actions in a sentence, creating new ones, ex. If you run slowly you won’t finish the marathon. To understand better this example, try deleting the adverb and see how the meaning changes:

-If you run you won’t finish the marathon. Isn’t this a contradiction?

This example shows the right use of adverbs, however, adverbs tend to be overused and misused in the internet.

In web site writing people prefer common words, active verbs and exact information. Adverbs are frequently used with the intention of intensifying a certain action, but the result is usually different. They become an annoying repetition or exaggeration that lowers the quality of the text and the credibility of the web site.

How to control yourself and others: Revise the draft of your text and underline the adverbs you have used. Compare the effect you wanted to create with the real effect they have when you read the text out loud. If the adverbs don’t meet your expectations, try to replace them with other words that do or delete them if possible. Work on the text, re-reading it several times until you are happy with the results. Look for outsiders’ opinions too.

How to practice: Go to web sites that you find difficult or annoying to read. Notice if they use adverbs in the wrong way or if there’s too many of them. Take the repetitive adverbs away and find equivalent words for some of the other adverbs.

Read the text again. Does it improve with your corrections? Compare your new versions of the texts with the writing of web sites that you like. Have the difficult web sites come closer to the web sites you like? Can you find any elements in the web sites you like that can be used to improve the other difficult ones? Compare them with your own web site and see what you can borrow from them to improve it.

If you look at a keyword report you see very few adverbs. It is possibly that you can improve the number of searchers coming to your web site from the search engines and the users experience by avoiding unnecessary adverbs.


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