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Welcome to Best Practice Marketing Affiliate program


We specialize in making marketing products of high quality, easy to use, easy to buy and sell them for competitive prices.


Our main focus is to produce and develop the best of products. The way we achieve that is by primarily investing in product development. After quality has reached the highest standard, then we optimize our efforts to keep the cost low.


When our products of best quality and of lowest cost are made, we are ready to sell them. Our main strategy is to leave the biggest part of the sales work to our affiliates and do our best to support their effort.  That gives you the chance to act as our sales department. Many of our products are aimed to the B2B market and can generate a high commission per customer.


In table 1 you can see the affiliate percent you can earn.


 Table 1. The Affiliate earning.

Customer from:

Tier level percent

Industrial keyword report

Full Service Keyword Report

Your link




1. Tier affiliate




2. Tier affiliate




Prices in USD.


We use the two tier affiliate system where you earn money on the affiliate that comes from your link and the affiliate that comes from their links.


Letís illustrate it with an example:

You join our affiliate program and put a link on your website. Person A clicks on the link and buys a Full Service Keyword Report for 1695 USD. For that you will receive 10 % that equals 169.5 USD. Now person A is so happy for her keyword report that he decides to sign up for the affiliated program. Person B goes to Person Aís website and buys a readymade Translation Keyword reports for 95 USD. You will receive 3 % of that sell that equals 2.85 USD. Person B also decides to join our affiliate program and person C goes to his website, clicks on the link to Best Practice Marketing and buys a Full Service Keyword Report, you will receive 1 % of the prices that equals 16.95 USD.     


You can follow how much commission your links are generating and analyze all the necessary statistics to fine tune your efforts at your affiliate account live in our website.


We have decided to keep our profit margin low to make it easier to sell our products. That should help you sell more products and therefore earn more. The high turnover helps us fund our R&D so we can make better products more efficiently.


We pay you 10% of all sales coming from your affiliated links. For a new affiliate coming from your site we pay you 3 % and 1 % for next level of affiliate. We place a cookie with a lifetime of 30 days when potential customers access our site from your site and if they make a purchase within that time you will receive a commission.


On the first of each month, we pay all outstanding commission that has been fully processed, by PayPal, starting at a minimum of 50USD. All you need to receive your money from PayPal is an e-mail address. You are fully responsible of informing your local tax authority about the income received from us.




We are sure that you are already thinking of some effective strategies that can fit with your web site. In case you need some inspiration we made a list.


          Use a webpage to actively promote one or several of our keyword reports.

          Make a link in a new or old article that is related with keyword reports. You can also make a link to one of our information documents or products.

          If your website isnít about marketing, it is natural to use our free top 100 keyword report that covers most of the main interest areas on the internet, as a foundation for an article. You can discuss:

- Why these keywords are the most popular used for search within your area.
- If the websites appearing in the top 100 results of a Google inquiry are of the highest quality, or there can be better results for a specific keyword search?
- Is it possible to rank for the average website for the top 100 most searched keywords within your industry? (Tip: The answer is almost always no. The best strategy is to rank for niche keyword phrases, because they are easier to rank for and convert better). To get the niche keywords your readers have to buy a keyword report where you get a provision.  

          Include Best Practice Marketingís keyword reports in your guide to keyword research.

          Link to one of our products, documents or articles in your recommendations.

          If you have a big e-mail list, it is often very profitable to make a recommendation there.

          Set up a banner or a text link on your site.

          Advertise for Best Practice Marketingís products and services on other websites, but remember to comply with the rules of the website and do not spam.

          If you are selling on online auctions, include our free keywords reports and other documents as a free bonus.

          If you are selling within the marketing industry you can give potential customers a free keyword report to fuel their desire to do more online marketing.

          Pay for ads to promote our product with your affiliate link, etc.


You are free to use all the material on our website as you like, except for the material you need to purchase.


We will try our best to support you with resourceful information and make it desirable for your users to arrive on our site.


If there is anything we can do to help you as an affiliate, please donít hesitate to contact us at


If you recommend our products offline and you know that this has generated a sale, send us an e-mail with the information that is needed to identify the customer and we will add your commission to your account.

We wish you a lot of success.


Yours sincerely,



Best Practice Marketing

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