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About Best Practice Marketing

The problem most companies face in their online work is that potential customers can't find there web site in the search engine and therefore don't get the amount of potential customers they wish.

The first part to solve the problem is to use the same words in your web site as potential costumers are using then they search for your product.

It sounds simple, but there is no easy way to get the millions of customers searchers terms (keywords).

We asked our self were can you buy high quality marketing and keyword reports at low prices?

We formulated two criteria that had to be fulfilled:

  • The quality had to be among the best in the market
  • The price had to be lower that normal marketing company's production cost

We couldn't find any companies that could fulfill both criteria.

Keywords Reports

Therefore we decided to start making the foundation for all online marketing: Keyword reports. A keyword report is a list of keywords (search terms) that searchers have used to find products, service and information within a defined area. The different between a keyword list and a keyword report is that a keyword report adds information that helps to choose the right keywords, like demand, supply, link competitions and data from the advertising market.  

We defined what best practice for keyword research was and started making a list of possibly improvements.

The most popular keywords are easy to find, but the competition is steep and most potential costumers will first buy after they have specified their search. Therefore we believe that the key to online success is to get an overview of your market and then target the searchers that are most likely to become your customers in the many small niches.

After a lot of testing, we found that mining the search engines database and algorithm gave the best results. What we were getting was an overview of what real searchers were looking for. We decided to lift the technique to third power, by mining Google, Ask and Yahoo one by one. We were constantly getting keyword reports with between 10 000 and 50 000 keywords per industry.

We were amazed with the overview and the degree of detailed information we were getting of searchers behavior. The downside was that it took a lot of working hours to get these good results. We started to make the process more efficient and improve the quality, and we are still working to decrease the hours needed.

We have concluded that the process takes time and that it is the price we pay for the good results.

For that many keywords you need good data to make a qualified online strategy. You need to decide, which keyword to target to get as many potential costumers to your web site for the smallest amount of resources.

We have decided to give the following information in our keyword reports:

  • Demand: We give the demand from two sources (WordTracker and Yahoo) for each keyword/keyword phrases, to give a more accurate estimate of the number of searcher per day world wide.
  • Supply: Is given by the number of web pages (that have that exactly keyword/keyword phrases) on one web page. Our sources for supply are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Yahoo Directory and Open Directory.
  • Advertising: We present the online marketing market by the number of campaigns in Google and Yahoo. We illustrate the prices by the bids prices in Yahoo.
  • Links: Link data is powerful in estimating the amount of competitions, but it takes a lot of time to collect. Therefore we offer to collect the number of links in MSN, Google and the Google pages rank for one USD pr. Keyword/keyword phrases (Link data is included in the industrial keywords reports).
  • Relevance: Not all keyword/keyword phrases are equally relevant for your site. We have made it possible to set how relevant a keyword is for your web site to help to sort the best keywords for you.
    If you prefer us to set a relevance score in your keyword report, we will charge you 1USD for every 20 keywords.

The link data and the setting of relevancy will improve the keyword report, but isn't necessary. We recommend that you first set the relevancy down to certain number of searchers a day (ex. 5 searchers) and then decide which keywords you like to know the link competition for (ex. first 1000 keyword which the most relevant searchers).

We deliver the following keywords products:

Industrial Keyword reports:  

Why make almost the same keyword report for all companies within the same line of business?

Yes, that is a waste of resources for it is the same keywords and searchers that all companies within the same industry are competing to attract.

Therefore we deliver an industrial keyword report for 5 % of the cost of a customized keyword report.

We hope that this shifts the competition away from knowing what costumers are looking for to fulfilling their needs. 

Please see which keyword reports are available to download. You can download a free sample keyword report with the 100 most searched keywords for every listed industrial keyword report included all data.


Customized keywords reports:

These keywords reports are essentially the same as the industrial keyword reports. The report is just customized after the customers' products and services. We aren't aware of any other companies that deliver a similar quality keyword report at the same price.

The customized keyword report comes in two versions:

  • Full service keyword report:
    You define the target for the report and we deliver a finished keyword report
  • Full control keyword report:
    You have full control over which keywords to include in the keyword report and you use our streamlined method for improving quality and efficiency.
    You choose the keywords, we do all the other work and you save money.

Marketing keyword reports:

A searcher is sitting in front of her computer and trying to find information or/and to buy a product/service. She is not thinking that someone is collecting the information she is giving by the keyword she is entering into the search engine.

What makes this information valuable is:

  • It is unbiased
  • The share amount of data is amazing. More than 100 000 searches a day for most industries
  • Easy to go from overview of the whole market down to detail of a single search term with less than one search a day
  • The price is cheap by any standard.

The report can be used for both online and offline purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Brainstorming for marketing copy
  • Finding what potential costumers are looking for
  • Finding new markets with an unattended demand
  • Spotting changes in the market

A marketing keyword report is like a normal keyword report except for much of the competitions data.

  • A Full Service Marketing Report:
    You define the target for the report and we deliver a finished keyword report
  • A Full Control Marketing Report:
    You have full control over which keywords to include in the keyword report and you use our streamlined method for improving quality and efficiency.
    You choose the keywords, we do all the other work and you save money.

Mini keyword reports:

This keyword report is based on Wordtracker and is similar to the keyword report most SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) companies are offering.

It gives a fast and cheap overview of the keywords used in your business area.


Customized Keyword reports:

This is the keyword report where you can choose one of our services or put together your own package.

You are welcome to send us an e-mail requesting for services were we haven't mentioned above.

About us:

We are a (B2B) company that always delivers within the deadline. Production of keyword reports are very time consuming and our costumers like to get the keywords reports fast.

We are a small, independent start-up company based on management with an academic Danish background in Economics and Marketing.

We work in a small well-integrated team, with the focus on quality and fast delivering. We see the process of delivering better quality as a continuances process that is the foundation of our company.

We are ably to deliver fast because:

  • Our streamlined process
  • We work in two shifts
  • We can postpone the work with the industrial keyword reports to finish your report.

So far, the management team owns the company.

CEO is Brian Ostergaard, who holds a Master of Science in Economics.

Adanew Diro is chief keyword analyst, who holds a Master of Science (MS) In Educational Psychology.

Buze Wanore is the chief data analyst, who holds a bachelor degree in Information Communication Technology.

Hellen Diro is leader of our Human Resources Department, who holds a bachelor in Human Resources.

Our customers can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Companies: We will function as a subcontractor where we deliver keyword reports in a higher quality and below the SEO companies production cost. That enables the SEO companies to focus on their other tasks, deliver faster, be more flexibly and improve their profit margin.
  • Marketing companies: We help traditional marketing companies with keywords reports for their online and offline marketing campaigns. An increasing amount of marketing companies use our marketing keywords reports as a cheap marketing research tool and integrate it as part of their workflow in online and offline campaigns. 
  • Companies: A large number of companies still hire local consulting agency's for their online marketing. We see an increasing amount of companies having the necessary marketing expertise in-house to manage their online marketing and contacting us directly to buy keywords reports.
  • Online promoters: We are happy to service the big and increasing market of information providers on the internet that earn money by contextual ads, banners, links and affiliated advertising.

We treat all our costumers with the same dedication.

Download one of our free industrial sample keywords reports with the 100 most searched keywords.

See which keyword report suits you best.

Read how we make the keywords reports.

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