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Industrial Keyword Reports  $95.00 

Industrial Keyword Reports

Everybody know the problem: Why are so few customers coming to our web site from the search engines and why are so few of them becoming customers?

To solve the problem you need information about your potential customers and then apply a good strategy to target potential customers.

We provide the information that enables you to make a superior strategy

Here are two common errors on companies' web sites:

  • Potential customers are using every day language when they choose the keywords for their search (ex. free, cheap). Companies are often using professional jargon and well written text to enhance their images as respectable and professional companies (e.g. low-priced, inexpensive, not expensive, economical, discounted, low-cost, bargain, basement priced, fair priced, reduced etc.).
    The problem is that the search engines are not returning web pages that don't have the keywords the searchers have used.   
  • Many companies turn to advertising on the search engines. The main problem is that they are using too general keyword to activate their ads. The result is that they pay more per click and at the same time they get less target customers (low conversion). 

Why hasn't the problem been solved?

To make a quality keyword report takes a lot of work in a structural way. To organize the workflow that ensure efficiency and quality have taken years of research.

Three criteria's have to be met to enable a company to make a readymade keyword report.

  • The keyword report has to be of so high quality that even the big organizations can't have it made better.
  • The cost has to be so low that even the smallest organizations can easily afford the keyword reports.
  • The keyword reports have to be sold in a number that cover the production cost.

We make industrial keyword reports that have so many keywords actually used by real searchers that it provides a true overview of the market. In addition, we provide data so you can estimate the amount of supply, competition, ad prices and demand.

A quality keyword report enables you to target the customers that are looking for your product and choose the keywords with less competitions and higher return of investment (ROI). This is true for paid ads as well as potential customers coming from the free search engines organic results. 

You will also be able to expand into unexploited markets where you know there is an unsaturated demand.

How do we make the industrial keyword reports?

  1. We read web sites, books, dictionaries, encyclopedia and other written material to get to know the industry and to collect a seed keyword list.
  2. We process the seed keyword list in 3 search engines (Yahoo, Ask and Google) to expand the number of keywords. The keywords that the search engines suggest have all been used by real searchers. We go the extra mile, by deleting more than 9 out of 10 keywords suggested as irrelevant by the search engines, to get even the keywords that are difficult to find (long tail).
  3. We add statistics to estimated demand, supply, cost of paid campaigns for all keywords and link competitions data for the most search keywords.

We have made big progress in quality and efficiency, but it still takes us more than two manmonths to complete an industrial keyword report. We think it is worth many times more for our customers.

How can it make a difference for your company's web site?

It is now possible to buy a keyword report that will enable you to target potential customers that are looking for your product.

How would it influence your business success to know:

  • How many searchers are in your market place?
  • What are potential customers searching for when they are sitting in front of their computer?
  • Which keywords send potential customers easily and free from the search engines without hard competitions?
  • Which keywords have furious competitions with comparable low payout and are therefore best left unattended?
  • Which web sites are in Google's top 100 results?
  • How many ingoing links have the web sites in Google's top 100 results?
  • How many web pages are competing for each keyword?
  • Which keywords are your competitors paying for to get ads next to the organic result in Google and Yahoo?
  • How mush do they pay for the ads?
  • How many ads are there for each keyword in Yahoo and Google
  • Are searchers using your brand name in their search?
  • Which words are used together with your target keywords?
  • Which keywords are left without any ads and ready for your ad without competition and to the price of a minimum bid.

Our keyword report offers an answer for all these questions and many more. 

Please download a free sample keyword report that contains the 100 most searched keywords.

If we haven't made an industrial keyword report for your business area, you can order a keyword report special made for your business. Click here to compare our different keyword reports or here for a custom-made keyword report similar to an industrial keyword report.

Don't be confused by the amount of data. Our Documentation explains it all. We believe that you will find all the data to be very valuable then you get started using the keyword report to get target customers onto your web site.

Buy the keyword report before your competitors or at least be as well informed as them. Price 95 USD.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 February, 2007.
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