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The big words list that help you write web copy that sells

October 5th, 2007 · 6 Comments

Action keywords, keywords, best keywords, web copy, sell moreYou have your keyword report that says which keywords searchers are looking for when they search for your website or/and your product, but you might need some inspiration to add flavor and improve conversion. I have collected some words that I hope will inspire you.

People don’t notice the same things after continually exposed to them again and again. In online marketing banner blindness is the best known example. People simply get used to banners that advertising for something that is not worth there time, therefore they stop seeing the banners after a while. The same thing happens with words that are used to make us do something.

Therefore, you have to change your action words ones in a while to keep them working. The problem for most writers is that it is extremely difficult to change the words because of old habit.

I have made this list of actions word to help you change words ones in a while to keep making your web copy effectfull.

I think the categories are self explainable, if not then drop a comment.

Indicating Authority: famous, widely used, talked about, authentic, trusted by, trend setting, first choice of, widely, widely recognized as, endorsed by, well-known, , famed, renowned, eminent, prominent, illustrious, legendary, reliable, dependable, legitimate, popular, distinguished, renowned, notable, distinguished, well-known, recognized, reputed.

Indicating Uniqueness: one and only, exclusive, premium, the best, elite, unrivaled, distinguished, the top, second to none, distinctive, exceptional, number 1, undisputed, best quality, top quality, unparalleled, superior, special, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, singular, unique, outstanding, sole, only one of its kind, inimitable, matchless, incomparable, one and only, peerless, unmatched, without equal, beyond compare, unrivaled, unsurpassed, first-class, first-rate, superlative, excellent, unbeatable, advanced, outstanding, exceptional, superb.

Indicating Simplicity: easy to, simple to, safe and simple, uncomplicated, plain and simple, trouble-free, straightforward, undemanding, minimal, minimum, clear-cut, down to earth, clean, unpretentious, effortless, Effortless, plain, unproblematic, unadorned, natural, smooth, without a hitch, unembellished, without ornamentation, sticking to the facts, usual, normal, ordinary, unfussy, unsophisticated, with both feet on the ground, straight-thinking, precise, unambiguous, clear, explicit, definite, unequivocal, indisputable.

Indicating Strength: must have, indispensable, powerful, essential, vital, crucial, critical, magnificent, vibrant, compelling, awesome, superb, explode, terrific, extremely, splendid, vital, necessary, requisite, obligatory, central, very important, essential, compulsory, indispensable, fundamental, imperative, mandatory, required, influential, commanding, prevailing, dominant, potent, significant, superior, overriding, governing, principal, major, noteworthy, considerable, superseding, overruling, dominant, prime, paramount, principal, main,

Attention Grabbing: you, urgent, at last, attention, discover, learn, new, now available!, secrets revealed!, earn, for the first time, risk free, just released, announcing.

Call To Action: decide now, order now, buy now, get it now!, act now, now is the time, don’t miss, don’t wait, immediately, right now, this instant, limited supply, now or never.

Appealing to Desire: attractive, gorgeous, stunning, enchanting, appealing, sleek, dazzling, mystical, satisfying, sensual, glowing, handsome, beautiful, radiant, wonderful, crave, tantalizing, yearn, good-looking, nice-looking, striking, eye-catching, lovely, pleasing, remarkable, startling, dazzling, pretty, exquisite, charming, divine, astonishing, amazing, astounding, alluring, incredible, glamorous, superb, outstanding, terrific, splendid, fabulous, marvelous, fantastic, pleasing, enjoyable, stunning, spectacular, startling, magnificent, amazing, astonishing,

Indicating Modern or New: modern, current, contemporary, fresh, new, forward-looking, advanced, enlightened, forward-thinking, ahead of its time, futuristic, revolutionary, ultramodern, current, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, recent, state-of-the-art, brand-new, the latest, at the height of fashion, fashionable, trendy, topical, hot, high-tech, unused, spanking-new, pristine, hip, all-the-rage, modish, stylish, chic, classy, original, ahead of its time

Indicating unconventional: unconventional, alternative, unusual, exceptional, odd, quirky, different, appealing to take action: affordable, challenging, alert, competitive edge, allure, comprehensive, applause, compromise, avoiding, concept, crucial, big, billboard, daring, block busting, danger, bonanza, destiny, boom, dirty, bottom line, distinguished, brain picking, dividends, bravo, dynamics, breakthrough, buy, eager, buyer’s guide, easy, eat, giant, economic needs, good-looking, effective, growth, emerging growth, gut feelings, endurance, energy, happy, enterprising, heritage, envision, high tech, epidemic, high yield, excitement, hit, exercising, hopless, expert, hot property, explain, hybrid, exploit, hurry, favorable, idea, find out, imagination, flex, inflation-beating, flourishes, innovative, focus, investigative, foothold, instatiable, forecast, formula, just in time, fueling, fundamentals, keep in touch, funny, kidding, gaining, last-minute, gallery, lare-breaking, generic, launching, get, liberated, lifeblood, pioneering, lively, portfolio, longevity, preppie, lucky, profitable decision, luxury, promising, mainstream, recruiting, make, remarkable, mania, reminiscent, marvelous, renaissance spirit, masterpiece, reviewing, measure up, revisited, medicine, revolution, merit, rewards, monitor, rich, monumental, right now, naked, sampler, nest egg, save,new,sawy, newswire, school of thought, next frontier, scorecard, nostalgic, security, novel, show me, shrewd, obession, simplistic, opportunities, skill, overrated, slash, smart, perspective, spiral, philosophy,soar, specialized, test-drive, speed up, timely, spotlight, top dog, stardom, traces, starter kit,stop, ultimate, stubborn, underpriced, successful switch, unlock, surefire, upscale, surging, survival,value, tax-resistant, willpower, tech revolution, word-of-mouth, technolog, tell,young.

A colloquial words is an informal, often entertaining word or phrase used in everyday conversation. When you use colloquial words, you draw your reader closer because you appear more familiar, more friendly, more up close and personal instead of distant and at arm’s length.

Beaware that using colloquial words to much to the wrong market segment can have the opposit effect.

Use colloquial words that are understandable to most people with a reasonable familiarity with English. Here are some exsambles of normal used colloquial words that have found their way to mainstream online communications:

Colloquial Words Normal Words
dough money
laid-back calm and relaxed
make waves cause trouble
bent out of shape become upset
come up for air take a break
cool great
defect glitch
twenty grand $20,000
keep your cool remain calm
blown away greatly impressed
megabucks a lot of money
blow a fuse lose your temper
bummed depressed
con deceive
has deep pockets has a good source of money
glitzy ashionable
honcho boss
get a kick out of enjoy

Indicating of Rational vs. Emotional: You might have heard the concept of right-brain and left-brain functions: The left hemisphere of the brain is the rational, logical, organized, analytic, linear, critical side; the right hemisphere is the creative, emotional, intuitive side, the realm of the imagination.

Most people buy on emotion, the more you appeal to the right side of the brain, the more you’ll sell. You do this by using emotional words, not intellectual, rational, bland, and boring words. Here are a few examples:

Left-Brain (Rational) Right-Brain (Emotional)
accelerate speed up
accolade Applause
additionally here’s more/there’s more
aid Help
allow Let
anticipate Expect
astute Smart
at an end Over
attractive good looking
avid Eager
beneficial good for
challenge Dare
circular Round
combat Fight
completed Finished
concerned Worried
concerning About
construct Build
courageous Brave
demise Death
difficult tough/hard
diminutive Small
disclose reveal/explain
donate Give
elderly Old
facilitate Ease
famished Hungry
fatigued Tired
fearful Afraid
following is/are here’s/here are
for Because
fortunate Lucky
futile Hopeless
gratification Enjoyment
hasten Hurry
huge Giant
Humorous Funny
ill Sick
immediately  right now
inform Tell
Intelligent Bright
I regret I’m sorry
jesting joking
large big
learn find out
manufacture make
notion idea
nude naked
observed seen
obstinate stubborn
omit leave out
perceive see
perhaps maybe
peril danger
perspiration sweat
pleased happy
preserve save
prevent stop
purchase buy
propitious favorable
receive get
requested ask for
reply answer
select pick/choose
soiled dirty
stomach belly
strike hit
subsequent to since
sufficient enough
superior better
tardy late
terminate end
tidings news
utilize use
wealthy rich
youthful young

I know these lists are nowhere close to be complete, so if you have a good word that work well, then please share.

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  • 1 zakira // Jun 21, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    How exactly does one use the left brain? I mean is there something you must to affiliate yourself with it or is it a natural reaction to an action?? These words that you place in this document have helped me. It’s a genius list of words. You might want to do a bit on spelling.

  • 2 Laura // Jun 26, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Left-Brain (Rational) VS Right-Brain (Emotional)…it’s really interesting…clearly the Right-Brain side of the equation sells…

    So what can I do when I have to write a pretty formal copy…that’s meant to sell anyway?

    Cheers from Italy

  • 3 Aaron // Nov 14, 2008 at 9:21 am

    “How exactly does one use the left brain? I mean is there something you must to affiliate yourself with it or is it a natural reaction to an action?? These words that you place in this document have helped me. It’s a genius list of words. You might want to do a bit on spelling.”

    You wrote this using the left side. If the post ‘felt’ right, you were using teh right side. People are predisposed by a number of variables to use more of one side of their brain than the other. Most people are right handed, for instance, because the left hemisphere handles spacial problems very quickly. However, it’s proven that while the rational (left) part of the brain is dominant in everyday actions, the emotional/visceral (right) makes most of the decisions for most people. Those who are predisposed to making decisions with the right side of their brain are more inclined to be artistic, for instance. That’s why the number of people who are artists that are left handed far exceeds those who are artists that are right handed.

    Did you catch my spelling error? You’re among the minority that ignores ads.

    The author’s post catches on a very important human sympathetic response: People want things that make them ‘feel’. Those of you that disagree or feel strongly the opposite are generally people who are either perceived as “weird” or “more intelligent”. How do I know this? Because it took a blanket statement about sympathetic response to incite you to emotion. It’s a logical fallacy.

    “So what can I do when I have to write a pretty formal copy…that’s meant to sell anyway?”

    There are plenty examples of what would be considered formal copy that is visceral and appeals to emotion. Shakespeare is a good example. Be creative. This list is by no means a defacto or declarative list. It’s just a way of thinking meant to get your juices flowing.

    If you understood that last sentence, you’re on the right track :)

    Anyway. A great list of words and comparisons. I’ve referenced it many times.

  • 4 Brian Ostergaard // Feb 9, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    I think you are onto something Aaron :-)

  • 5 nik nak // Feb 19, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    it was acknowleging

  • 6 Fabris // Apr 21, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    “Those of you that disagree or feel strongly the opposite are generally people who are either perceived as “weird” or “more intelligent”.”

    Are you seen me through the screen right now? I’m pretty scared :)

    Just one question: do you think a “left brain copywriter” like me can write a true “emotional piece of copy”? Are there ways to improve the use of the right brain, or should I study NLP all my life to be effective in my writings?

    Thank you for this great post,

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