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Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

Introduction: Many people new to marketing think that Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is the magic formula to achieve high ranking in the search engines and thereby secure a steady stream of money. The claim is supported by the documentation of almost all keyword research tools and has been repeated by thousands of inexperienced marketing people.

I say that if anyone says that the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is great to find good keywords/search terms, without explaining any of the drawbacks, then they are either out to cheat you or they just don’t know any better.

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The big words list that help you write web copy that sells

You have your keyword report that says which keywords searchers are looking for when they search for your website or/and your product, but you might need some inspiration to add flavor and improve conversion. I have collected some words that I hope will inspire you.

People don’t notice the same things after continually exposed to them again and again. In online marketing banner blindness is the best known example. People simply get used to banners that advertising for something that is not worth there time, therefore they stop seeing the banners after a while. The same thing happens with words that are used to make us do something.

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permission marketingIntroduction: Use the right keyword when you search and you will find the right contents faster. Use the right keywords when you write for the internet and you will attract more searchers and they will be more targeted. In this article we discuses some important elements of using keywords on the internet.

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The big link building method list.

Link building can be a very cost efficient way of doing marketing on the internet, if it is done right. The most important is to make a strategy that keeps you focus on using the most efficient link building methods.

I have made this article to give myself a shortlist to look at when I make a link building strategy. I hope you can use it as well :-)

Please check for updates in the future.

Name: Directories
Short description: Organized list of web sites by categories.
Direct and targeted traffic: Directories can bring targeted traffic, especially from big and specialized directories.
Value for search engines: You get the biggest value from directories that have a personal evaluation, a high page rank and that are specific for your category. The lowest value is from automated directories that might be considered as “link farms”.
Time requirement: Low
Other: Remember to focus on bringing costumers to your web site from the directories and not only to get a link juice from the directories.
How to do it: Find a list of the biggest directories. Within the directories, search for more specific directories in your category. Make a cost/benefit assessment to find the directories worth the effort. There are many companies specializing in submitting to directories; a few deliver good quality and good value. With your final list of worthy directories you start submitting.

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The classic book about permission based marketing

I think it is incredible that a book about Internet marketing from 1999 still have so much to tell. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading this classic.

permission marketing

Next time I start a permission marketing campaign I will ask myself this ten questions, set by Seth Godin:

1. What’s the bait?
2. What does an incremental permission cost?
3. How deep is the permission that is granted?
4. How much does incremental frequency cost?
5. What’s the active response rate to communications?

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